Short links service from Profit.Store


Profit.Store is introducing a new innovative service that will allow you to create short links for use on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube and the internet in general. Our service will allow you to generate unique short URLs that you can easily share online.

Why you need short links

The link shortening service is ideal for use in a presentation, advertisement or SMS. Our link shortening service will help you make your links more convenient and effective, helping you to improve communication with your audience.

Mask a long URL

Want to mask a long URL or hide UTM tags? You can shorten an online link to make it more accessible and easier to remember.

Short links take up less space. While it's easy to hide even a long URL with all the UTM tags in a blog post, the space available in posts and SMS is quite limited.

Our service allows you to shorten the link, including the UTM tags, and use it in your promotional materials. For added security, you can also password protect the link.

Long links with many parameters can look confusing and turn off potential customers. Therefore, a link shortening service with UTM tags is a great solution to optimise your advertising campaign. In addition, our UTM tag generator can help you create tags for your ad campaign.

How to shorten a link

The process is very simple and easy for users. All you need to do is open the link shortening service, copy the URL you want to shorten and paste it into a special field on the website. Then click on the 'Shorten' button. You will get a shortened link to use.

Additional features for shortened links

  • View conversion statistics (sometimes even by gender, age, geography of users);
  • Customise the URL (specify part of the address yourself);
  • Use bulk shortening (for a whole set of similar links);
  • Link your domain (for nice addresses like

You can view conversion statistics by logging into the service via Telegram. The statistics are constantly updated, so you have up-to-date data on views, which are also displayed on the graph.

In the personal account, the user can edit, deactivate or archive the desired URL.

View statistics

Our link shortening service allows authorised users to view click-through statistics. If you're looking for a fast and secure link shortening tool, you've found it. Our service provides convenience, security and access to important data about the clicks on your links.

To access additional features such as click statistics, QR codes or to add a password to your links, you must first sign up to the service via Telegram.

Create a QR Code

Thanks to Profit.Store's link shortening service, you can easily create a QR code for your link. You can use this QR code on business cards, include it in handouts and POS materials, or even use it to simplify the authorisation process in a Wi-Fi network. To solve these and other tasks, all you need to do is create a QR link using our service.

Password protection

For an extra layer of security, our service allows you to protect your short links with a custom or generated password. This means that only users who know the correct password will be able to access the link. This feature is particularly useful if you want to restrict access to certain content or information contained within a short link.

Use of link shortening: where it is permitted and where it is prohibited

All restrictions and prohibitions relating to the use of the Service must be complied with. Prohibitions on the use of spam, viruses, Trojans, links to resources prohibited by law and other potentially harmful actions are mandatory to ensure the safety of users and the reliability of the Service.

Yes. Use

Send the meme to the working chat.

You need a QR code for the conference.

You may need to dictate a link.

The link should not take up too much space (e.g. in a presentation, announcement or SMS).

In targeted advertising.

You need statistics on clicks and for some reason analytics systems are not suitable.

To hide affiliate tags in a link.

No. Do not use

Site navigation, important categories.

When placing a link to a website to obtain a domain donor.

In printed materials, it is better to use QR codes.