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On the Internet, we are often asked to choose a username and password when registering for various websites, forums and social networks. It's clear what to do with a username, but what about a password?

It is not safe to use a password in the form of your date of birth or phone number. So how do you protect yourself? It's simple, you need to create a good, strong password using our online password generator.

The password generator is an essential tool when you register a new account and need to come up with a complex password that meets the platform's criteria. Choose the password and its length and the system will generate a unique sequence of characters for you. Just a few clicks and the software will help you generate a strong password.

Protection rules:

  • Always enable two-factor authentication.
  • Do not use the same password in more than one place.
  • Change your passwords at least every few months, and preferably more often.

Online password generator by

Creating passwords manually is a thankless task. It is faster and more convenient to use a special password generator from, which takes into account all the necessary security parameters.

The password generator service offers two ways to generate passwords:

  1. Random password
  2. Easy to remember

Random password recommends that you change the passwords for your email and social media accounts at least once every 2 months.'s online password generator is a guarantee of reliability and uniqueness.

To create a strong password for an email or social network, you don't need to manually search through characters, just set the necessary settings in the generator and get the result.

How the password generator from works:

1. Select the character types to be used in the password. It can be any combination of numbers (0-9), upper case (A-Z), lower case (a-z) and special characters (%, *, ), ?, @, #, $, ~). You can use any combination of these characters to suit your needs. For example, to create a password with all of the above character types, select all of them. If you don't need certain types of characters, uncheck them.

2. Specify the password length. The password can be any length between 1 and 128 characters. This feature of the Online Generator allows you to create combinations not only for passwords, but also for generating random numbers, unique numbers and verification codes.

3. Click the Generate button.'s online password generator will choose a strong password for you according to the parameters you set.

The Google search engine recommends using a password of at least 8 characters, including different types of characters. For social networks such as Facebook and others, it is recommended to generate a password of at least 8 characters. Change it regularly, every few months, rather than using a long combination that is difficult to remember and can still be hacked.

Easy to remember

This page of the online password generator allows you to create a password that is easy to remember. All you have to do is choose the length, uppercase or lowercase letters and complete or incomplete words. Then click on the "Generate" button and the generator will choose a convenient and secure password for you.

Once you have registered with the Telegram password generator service, you can create projects to store your passwords.

How to remember and store passwords

Remembering a single, randomly generated password is a challenge. It's even harder to remember a unique password for each account. It can become an impossible task. To avoid these problems, you can use special programs called password managers.