Service - Creative Manager, or how to track the effectiveness of advertising banners


Analytics play an important role in the development of any project. Because you always know what's going on in your ad account. You can track conversions and identify weaknesses in your ads or banner sales.

Not only do you connect to analytics services, but you can also create multi-level targets. However, in the case of a banner (creative), the situation is slightly different. A banner is placed to attract attention and encourage the visitor to click on it to go to the landing page.

How do I use the Creative Manager service?

How can I collect analytics on a banner? Profit.Store's Creative Manager service is perfect for this. This service is perfect for those who want to track the effectiveness of their creatives.


To start working with the Creative Manager, go to and sign up for the service via Telegram.

Project creation

After approval, we create a new project (we'll call it PS|RG) that we will work with in the future.

In the created project, click on the plus "+" button to add the creative (banner) itself and the data where it will be used.

Data entry

The procedure for entering creative data:

  1. In the Preview tab, upload your creative.
  2. In the next step, "Type", we choose what type of creative we are using: video or image.
  3. In the Platform section, select the channel where the banner will be placed.
  4. Next, choose the size of the banner (creative). For example, for stories, choose a size of 9x16.
  5. In the last paragraph, we indicate the status of the creative.

You can also delete or edit a newly created creative.

The Creative Manager service has a rating of the most effective creatives. This means that the system itself understands and shows which creatives work better and which do not.

By clicking on the "Info" button or the rating stars, you can access additional information about the creative.

Here you can see the following data:

  • Efficiency and Burnout.
  • Information on a project, all creatives, or a single one.
  • Information on creatives on the dashboard.

    The service also has internal integration within the Profit.Store ecosystem with the UTM Tag Designer.

    This allows you to transfer the code of each creative to the settings, which in turn, when a lead or customer is recorded in the CRM system, is recorded in the CRM system and used in further performance analysis.


    If you want to have a complete picture of the traffic flow and effectiveness of your advertising campaign creatives, you need to connect to the Creative Manager service of This will give you a convenient and quick analysis of the effectiveness of each creative. The system will automatically tell you when to replace the creative if it starts to burn out.