The software battle. Why do Ukrainian businesses continue to use 1C?



From the beginning of the 2000s until today, russian software 1C has remained the most powerful ERP system in russia’s neighbouring countries. Only in 2021, Ukrainian companies published over 50 1C-related jobs monthly on DOU. How and why should entrepreneurs abandon the russian 1C and other ERPs? Let's talk about worthy alternatives.

Why should you abandon russian software?

Economic consequences

The first and most obvious reason for refusing the services of russian developers is, of course, the economic one. After all, buying software produced by the russian federation is financing the aggressor country and its army.

According to the Russoft association, russian software exports have constantly been growing.

Dynamics of russian software exports in 2019-2020

YearThe volume of foreign currency earnings from exports, billion dollars

Up to 20% of all software exports belong to russia’s neighbouring countries, including Ukraine.

According to the estimates of the Opendatabot service and the Netpeak digital agency, more than 40 IT solutions from russian developers are popular among Ukrainian companies. In particular, such ERP systems as 1C, MoiSklad, Moyo Delo were included in this list.

Data protection

The second reason why those who have not yet abandoned russian software should do so as soon as possible is the security of the company's data.

It is no secret that the entire business of the russian federation is, to some extent, controlled by the state. And such a high-tech industry as software development, exported abroad, could not go unnoticed by the russian intelligence agencies. And after the full-scale war began, their control over all the economic sectors and citizens' life spheres in the russian federation only intensified.

Stability of the company's work There are other risks for users. For example, the cyber army of Ukraine can attack developers serving the power structures of the aggressor country, and civilian users of this software can automatically come under attack.

Why do Ukrainian businesses continue to buy russian software?

As we can see, despite all the arguments and risks mentioned above, many Ukrainian companies continue to use russian services. Among the main reasons why this happens, two key ones can be singled out: habit and fear of switching to a new service. And suppose the first one is easier to overcome because the interface and functionality of modern software are often intuitive and do not require much effort to master. In that case, the second reason is more complicated. To migrate the company to new software, the entrepreneur needs time to train staff and transfer data, which can temporarily slow down the company's work processes and interaction with customers. However, if you properly organize the transition process and choose the optimal ERP system, everything will be done quickly and easily. And we will tell you about ERPs in more detail.

Alternatives to Russian ERP systems



Odoo is an open-source ERP and CRM system that allows you to integrate all applications and modules and automate business processes. All Odoo tools have a convenient interface that allows people without special computer skills to master the program and adjust everything to their needs quickly. Odoo has a large community and 24/7 support. To familiarize yourself with the program, there are free 14-day versions of all subscriptions and a free subscription to any application of the service.

Advantages of Odoo:

  • Site builder and online stores, which are simultaneously integrated with CRM, using the Odoo Websites platform
  • Process automation
  • Sending SMS and Email
  • Integration with other tools
  • Procurement, warehouse, and production management using the Odoo Inventory&MRP module
  • Adjustment of financial flows
  • 14-day trial versions

Subscription prices:

One Appfree

Microsoft Dynamics 365


Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a modular business application platform that combines the disparate data and capabilities of CRM and ERP with Office collaboration tools, Power BI business intelligence, and Azure cloud services. The programs make it possible to make the business more flexible, as well as to get rid of complex and confusing production schemes without increasing costs. Service allows you to customize every area of ​​your business - marketing, sales, customer service, finance and operations, project activities, and personnel.

Advantages of Microsoft Dynamics 365:

  • A huge platform from the creators of the world's largest operating system
  • Flexibility in setting options
  • Security of the system
  • Automation of most processes
  • Full reporting of all areas of business
  • Remote access for employees
  • Many solutions for individual tasks of marketing, sales, etc.
  • Convenient analytics
  • Creation of a single internal network for employees

Subscription prices:

(prices are divided by business goals)


Sales Professional$65/month.
Sales Enterprise$95/month.
Sales Premium$135/month.
Microsoft Relationship Sales$162/month.
Microsoft Viva Sales$40/month.


Customer Service Professional$50/month.
Customer Service Enterprise$95/month.
Field Service$95/month.
Remote Assist$65/month.


Marketingfrom $1,500/міс


Fraud Protection$1,000/month.

Supply Chain

Supply Chain Management$180/month.

Human Resources

Human Resources$120/month.



Project Operations

Project Operations$120/month.

Small and medium business

Business Central Essentials$70/month.
Business Central Premium$100/month.
Customer Service Professional$50/month.
Sales Professional$65/month.


SAP's intelligent ERP solutions enable companies to integrate next-generation complex cross-functional business processes to succeed in the smart enterprise. ERP has wide integration capabilities, including with cloud products, and it is easy to process different types of files here. This way, you get complete control over all aspects of the business - logistics, procurement, accounting, customer interaction, resource management, real-time analytics, and more.

Advantages of SAP ERP:

  • Built-in set of reports (you can choose parameters and indicators yourself), advanced analytics, dashboards
  • Regular versions update
  • Accounting of fixed assets, financial operations control, accounting automation
  • Ensuring the regulation of relations with counterparties
  • A free trial version is available for some SAP products

Subscription prices: The price is calculated individually, depending on the needs of the business.



ZOHO ERP is a platform for enterprise resource planning. It allows you to automate business processes, adjust supply chains and significantly reduce production cycle time thanks to cloud technologies. Zoho positions itself as a platform with an individual approach to the user. Thanks to the system of scripts and modules, the user can customize everything to the business needs instead of using universal modules. The software is divided into the supply chain and logistics, manufacturing, and retail.

Advantages of ZOHO ERP:

A package of tools for creating individual software for specific business tasks No hidden fees: the user only pays for the platform itself, not for modules and automation Thanks to individual configuration, you can easily transfer data from the cloud to other storage, as well as integrate other applications and make backup copies of all data in the storage

Subscription prices:

Free1 user, 1 program
Professional€25 – 5 applications, 20 integration modules
Ultimate€400 - 10 users, unlimited applications

Creatio from Terrasoft


Creatio is a Ukrainian platform for the automation of CRM, industry, and internal processes. Creatio offers a new generation of no-code tools for business application development and process automation. The service allows you to create user interfaces and configure pages of any type in your application without limitations in a matter of minutes. No code. Use a library of ready-made widgets and templates to speed up the design process.

Advantages of Terrasoft Creatio:

  • Ready-made solutions for the automation of 20 industries (banks, retail, industry, agricultural sector, and others)
  • Unlimited customization options
  • A huge number of ready-made modules and extensions
  • Custom tools for automating processes of any complexity

Subscription prices:

The final cost depends on two parameters: the number of licenses and the complexity of the ERP implementation process.

So, if your company uses russian software, you should understand that all your data can be compromised, erased, or used against you at any moment. Choose safe Western or Ukrainian ERP systems and don’t be afraid of changes. Support Ukraine!