Alternatives to Russian LMS systems


With the beginning of a full-scale war, Ukrainians finally began to refuse russian products and services en masse. No matter how difficult the transition to new software may be, entrepreneurs cannot afford to sponsor terrorism, missile use against Ukraine, and the murder of people by russia.

Is opting out of russian programs as painful as it seems, and what alternative services will allow your business to continue efficient operation? We will find out in this article.

Why haven’t Ukrainian businesses entirely ditched russian software yet?

Time for staff training

Of course, learning and adapting to the new interface and functionality temporarily slows down the work process. Speed ​​in providing services and communicating with customers is often critical to business, so it's a common fear of every entrepreneur to lose profits due to staff slowdowns.

Risk of data loss

Documentation and corporate information may be lost if data is incorrectly transferred to another system. Managers and company owners understand this perfectly. Indeed, this is a painstaking and responsible task where you need to be attentive and prudent and understand the mechanism of database operation. Or use the services of professionals who will control this process.

The high price

Indeed, foreign programs are often more expensive than russian ones. At the same time, Ukrainian analogs, especially those new to the market, offer moderate prices, long free trial periods, and discounts.

Which LMS systems should you pay attention to?

Until recently, the most popular Russian LMS systems in Ukraine were GetCourse, AntiTreningi, Bison 365, and iSpring. Fortunately, they are neither unique in functionality nor indispensable in use. Here are the best alternatives.


Moodle is the most popular free LMS, focused mainly on providing interaction between teachers and students. At the same time, it can be used for distance courses and face-to-face training. The service is well-secured, scalable, and customizable. Moodle is supported by a network of more than 129 million certified partners and users worldwide. Since this is an open project, it also has many developers. The disadvantages of the platform include a complex architectural system, which is very difficult to refine independently.

Moodle advantages:

  • Built-in course designer
  • Support for synchronous, asynchronous, mobile, and mixed learning
  • Gamification
  • Lots of plugins
  • Open source code


AcademyOcean is a Ukrainian platform that will easily replace the popular GetCourse. The service has been operating since 2017 and has users on 5 continents in 90+ countries. To work with AcademyOcean does not require any technical skills, you can start your own academy here without the help of programmers and designers. The service structure allows you to create and manage several educational portals simultaneously. Customers can also create their own personal plan by adding an unlimited number of modules to PRO and Premium, such as gamification, additional video storage, two-factor authentication, custom integrations, and APIs.

AcademyOcean advantages:

  • 100+ features
  • A cloud solution
  • Auto-update, 24/7 access, no installation required
  • Multilingualism
  • Ability to address students by name and personalize learning materials

Subscription prices:


You can also get $1000 bonuses for any tariff plan.


Zenedu is a Ukrainian platform for creating courses and webinars based on the Telegram messenger. The training here is entirely autonomous and takes place with the help of a bot in the messenger: it helps to create the client's account, make a payment, contact the support service, etc. Zenedu allows you to host up to 2 GB of media files, which will be fully protected by the service from copying. The platform also allows you to set up a publication schedule for both individual clients and groups of users.

Zenedu advantages:

  • Training takes place directly in the messenger
  • Simple user interface based on a bot
  • Platform security
  • Free two-week period
  • Electronic cabinet with all analytical data
  • User segmentation with filters
  • Individual or group mailing schedule
  • All information and media files are stored on one platform

Subscription prices:

Plan 1000 users$25/month.
Plan 2500 users$39/month.
Plan 5000 users$59/month.
Plan 10000 users$89/month.
Plan 15000 users$119/month.
Plan 20000 users$149/month.
Plan 25000 users$179/month.

A 25% discount applies when purchasing an annual subscription.

Collaborator LMS

Collaborator LMS is a multifunctional online platform for business training, certification, and adaptation of personnel, which is adjusted to the customer's specific requirements. The site provides round-the-clock access to various business information. The platform allows you to automate corporate training and create courses for various scenarios. In addition, you can conduct a full audit of employees, conduct surveys, and create individual reports.

Collaborator LMS advantages:

  • A huge online platform with a large knowledge base
  • Individual adjustment to the needs of the company
  • Easy learning interface
  • Automation of all processes
  • Internal 24/7 chat
  • Demo version
  • Automatic SMS/Email messages
  • Integration of projects with other companies
  • A ready-made catalog of educational tasks

Subscription prices:

There are three tariffs, the price of which is calculated individually, depending on the request of your company:

  1. Standard
  2. Pro
  3. Assessment The approximate price starts from $150.


Canvas is a modern digital platform for managing the learning process. It provides a convenient and simple system that allows teachers to configure all parameters for lessons and courses. At the same time, students can get the work they need instantly. Training takes place in a web browser. A mobile application for teachers is also available for educational institutions. All information about teachers and students is in the cloud, which allows you not to worry about data loss.

Canvas LMS advantages:

A large repository of tools for creating various materials and courses Modular course management system Accounting of statistics of all students, calculation of earned points, completed tasks, etc The constructor of quizzes for gamification of classes Automatic accounting of all points with the "Grade book" tool

Subscription prices:

The price for access to the system is $299 per user.


This American platform allows you to create all kinds of educational content: using the convenient interface of one platform, you can create a project from scratch, download all the necessary media files and start selling your services. Thanks to the built-in product designer, you can choose the desired template or create your own. The platform also has a built-in payment gateway that ensures transaction security.

Kajabi advantages:

  • Simple interface
  • Various project designers
  • Round-the-clock support
  • Payment gateway
  • Sales funnel software
  • Email marketing software
  • Mobile application
  • Paypal support
  • SMS and email messages
  • 2 weeks trial period

Subscription prices:



This American Internet platform allows you to go through the entire cycle of developing an educational product – from its creation and publication to receiving the first profit. You don't need programming knowledge to create complex multi-level projects. You can choose the template you need and develop the project based on it. The site allows you to download media files, create quizzes, and issue certificates after completing the courses. The platform has a mobile application where you can configure the automation of all mailings and messages.

Uteach advantages:

  • Various project templates
  • Mobile application
  • Automation
  • Builder of quizzes and certificates
  • Accounting of user statistics
  • Round-the-clock support
  • Custom domain
  • Ability to create discounts and coupons
  • Integration with other platforms and tools
  • 2 weeks trial period

Subscription prices:


We talked only about the most popular LMS systems that will help you save time and grow your business. Experts expect that enemy software will still slip into the Ukrainian market under the guise of Asian or European companies. However, toxic business with russian traces should not be tolerated in civilized countries. We must fight it because Ukrainians can no longer naively expect security guarantees from russia in any field, especially when it comes to personal data and business reputation. Now, more than ever, we need to be brave and decisive. And support Ukraine!